ELLIJAY, Ga - Emergency officials in Gilmer County spent Friday assessing the damage from Thursday's devastating floods as some victims struggle to recover.

Pat Lipham says it's unlikely she will rebuild the home that a swollen Clear Creek shifted off of its foundation. When the flood water was at its peak, Lipham says she was prepared to die.

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"I wasn't scared," said Lipham. "I prayed to my Lord, it isn't going to be so bad to go to heaven with Him if I drown, just make it fast for me and my dogs."

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Family members are now part of the recovery team, salvaging the belongings that aren't covered in mud.

Lipham and her dogs survived on top of a dresser as two-and-a-half feet of water washed in.

Members of the Gilmer County Swift Water Rescue Team pulled her to safety...along with nine others.

The Evans family needs rescuing now. Eight inches of Clear Creek left their home and belongings caked with mud. They don't have flood insurance.

"They looked it up and said you're not in a flood plain," said Sylvia Evans. "We can't give you flood insurance. I never tried anymore."

Sarah Gardner is salvaging what she can while standing on floors that have buckled from a foot of water. She had to repair her home after a flood caused by Hurricane Issac in 2004.

"We've done this once," said Gardner. "We're nine years older. I just don't know if we can do it."

Clear Creek has calmed considerably since destroying a portion of White Oak Drive, crews are working on a temporary fix so eleven families can drive in and out of their neighborhood.

Making matters worse for Pat Lipham is the loss of her husband in January.

"Now I'm scared because I'm homeless, husbandless, and without a car."

She is now living with the neighbors who will see her through it.

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