ATLANTA -- They gathered to share their memories, and their hope that future generations would be able to make new ones like them.

Graduates and supporters of the bankrupt Morris Brown College marched down to Friendship Baptist Church and took seats during their worship service.

The church has expressed an interest in acquiring the two vacant Morris Brown dormitory towers. They say the property could be one of a number of options where they could move to make way for the new Falcons Stadium.

The several dozen people in attendance said "no way." They want the college to go through bankruptcy with the possibility of finding a buyer for the entire property.

"It's never too late with just the right support, the right backing, Morris Brown could be just as powerful as any other university in the Atlanta area," said Patrice Barlow.

The college lost accreditation more than a decade ago and only a few dozen students remain. It's currently millions of dollars in debt and going through bankruptcy court. Many were hoping a proposed deal with Family Dollar Corporation would save the college.

"For us to have a deal on the table to restore Morris Brown and for someone to interfere with that, what type of person are you?" said Chuck Barlow, presumably aiming at Mayor Kasim Reed, who opposed the deal.

"I felt the city would be a better steward than Family Dollar," Reed said Friday. "So the folks who are advocating are really advocating for family dollar."

The protestors were allowed to sit peacefully through Friendship's morning worship service. The church had originally planned a vote on the stadium deal for Sunday morning, but postponed it.

"That tells me we're having an impact," State Senator Vincent Forte said. "And that's what we're looking for this morning, not to interrupt a service but to have an impact."

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