MARIETTA -- A hot-air balloon got plenty of attention this past weekendwhen itfloated onto the edgeofthe football field at Lassiter High School.

PHOTOS |Hot air balloon lands on football field

Jeff Robey, a parent of one of the players, tells 11Alive's Duffie Dixon the youth football league game was stopped due to a player injury at the time so none of the kids were injured.Both teams were off the field during the balloon landing.

The balloon was connected with thehot-air balloon event going on at Kennesaw State University.

The pilot tells 11Alive News as a proactive measure he elected to make a landing on the cleared field when the winds picked up aloft. The balloon and passengers landed safely.

The Cobb County Fire Department just happened to be on the scene treating the injured player.

Once the balloon was off the field, the gamebetween the Chattahoochee and Lassiter fourth grade teams resumed.

The injured player suffered a broken arm during a tackle.

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