ATLANTA -- The little girl seriously injured after falling nearly 50 feet down awell in Carroll County will soon begin rehab.

Megan Winters mother Melissa saysnow that the bones in her face have been put back in place and the swelling has gone down, she's able to see out of both her eyes.

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VIDEO | Girl rescued from well battling brain injuries

In factMegan spent some timeThursday watching music videos on her tablet.

Her mother says she's still in a lot of pain. The fall broke her hip, leg, and caused bleeding in her brain.

But on Thursday, Megan is expected to move from Children's Healthcare Egleston to Scottish Rite to begin her rehabilitation.

Her family believes she will be there for about three weeks.

The family started a facebook page called Megan Winters Prayers to keep the community updated.

Last week, the seven year old fellinto an abandoned well, while playing at her grandmother's house.

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