(WXIA) - The divorce rate in Georgia is among the highest in the nation. In Georgia, along with a number of other states around the nation, more attention is being given to reforming family court law so that the increasing trend toward even greater levels of divorce and family unrest can be throttled back a bit.

A new documentary is opening this week in Atlanta and 15 other cities around the nation called'Divorce Corp.' The film, narrated by television psychotherapist Dr. Drew Pinsky, presents information about how the industry of divorce has destroyed families and individuals across the nation.

Thursday night'spremiere screening of the film at the Lefont Theatre in Sandy Springs, sponsored byMy Advocate Center of Atlanta, included a town hall meeting and press conference to discuss the issues raised in the film, including attorney fees, child support, health care and other issues that divided families face.

While all families cannot be saved, the film points to the industry behind America's 'divorce machine' as a catalyzing factor that does not help matters in many cases.

Several women's groups have organized a boycott of the film, because, in their estimation, the film portrays and promotes what they say is a pro-fathers' rights agenda that is equally destabilizing for children and families.

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