WXIA) -- There are many local people in our community doing extraordinary things, and 11Alive wants to highlight those making a difference in our community.

Brenda Wood starts a special series showing those efforts: Local People Doing Extraordinary Things.

This project begins with "Mission of Hope." Brenda highlights an amazing group of Atlanta residents who traveled to the other side of the world to literally wipe a disease off the face of the Earth.

Visit to learn about the Carter Center's Trachoma Program and to support its work.

Join Brenda as she travels to Ethiopia to see their mission in action.

WATCH | Mission of Hope - Part 1
WATCH | Mission of Hope - Part 2
WATCH | Mission of Hope - Part 3
WATCH | Mission of Hope - Part 4

GALLERY |Travel with Brenda Wood and The Carter Center to Ethiopia as they work to get rid of an eye disease

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