ATLANTA -- "That's what we do. We make YouTube videos." So does the rest of America. But Tyler Stanton and Tripp Crosby have turned it into a career.

"I think our job is more finding creative ways to get people to pay for funny videos," Crosby told 11Alive's Julie Wolfe via Skype. The comedy sketch duo was in Indiana on a gig.

Their latest video "A Conference Call in Real Life" passed 1.3 million views in two days. If you've ever sat through a single conference call, you can identify with those hilariously frustrating moments: the guy who keeps getting disconnected, everyone talking over each other, someone with a barking dog in the background, and those awkward moments.

Stanton and Crosby said the inspiration was simple: they have to sit through a lot of conference calls. "We actually wrote it during conference calls," Stanton said. "While we were supposed to be listening, we were just writing down everything that was was frustrating. It was kind of written for us."

They said they'd been kicking around the idea for a while and finally make it when sponsored it. They're able to attract sponsors because they consistently make YouTube videos that go viral. Wolfe asked if they were slaves to the YouTube view count, watching the number rise.

"That's how we measure our self-worth," Stanton joked.

"Our entire esteem is wrapped up in our view count," Crosby chimed in.

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