METRO ATLANTA -- With so many abandoned cars during #snowjam2014 this week, communities are towing cars to get traffic flowing.

Here's the list of who will have to pay and who will get a pass if cars were towed off the road.

The Atlanta Police Department said they will not begin towing vehicles until Sunday Feb. 2 at noon. APD will waive vehicle impound fees associated with the winter weather. If your car was towed call the Atlanta Property Unit at 404-546-4330.

Towing fees will be reimbursed for stranded cars. Drivers have until Midnight Friday to claim towed cars. Contact the DeKalb Police Department's Permit office at 404-297-3934 to file for reimbursement.

Unincorporated Fulton:
They are only towing cars to the side of the road where it was abandoned; they are not sending them to impound lots. If you cannot find your car call the police department at 404-613-5711.

If you car was blocking the flow of traffic and was towed, the owner will have to pay for any towing cost. Residents having difficulty locating their vehicles may contact the Fulton County 911 Center's non-emergency number 404-730-7911.

Drivers of cars that were towed are eligible for reimbursement. Contact Marietta Police Department PIO, Lindsey Thompson at 770-794-5509 to start the reimbursement process.

The city towed cars that were in dangerous areas by American Towing, but the city will pick up all charges.

Douglas County:
If a car was towed they should call the Sherriff's office at 770-949-5656 and they will let them know where the care was taken. All cost will be paid by the city.

The owners of any cars that were towed because they were blocking traffic will not have to pay. Any that already did pay can get a refund from the county finance office, as long as authorities had it towed. Bring tow receipt.

If you car was blocking the flow of traffic and was towed, the owner will have to pay for any towing cost.

If you car was blocking the flow of traffic and was towed, the owner will have to pay for any towing cost.

Johns Creek:
Owners of vehicles abandoned in Johns Creek rights of way should recover their cars or trucks over the Feb. 1-2 weekend. Starting Monday, Feb. 3, abandoned vehicles may be impounded at the owners' expense.

The city of Kennesaw is offering to reimburse costs incurred by individuals whose vehicles were towed because they were abandoned and creating a hazardous condition after Tuesday's storm. Vehicle owners must come in person to the Kennesaw Police Department weekdays between 7 am and 6 pm with their vehicle's registration, drivers license and a receipt for the towing fee.

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