DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. -- DeKalb County firefighters responded to a two-alarm apartment fire late Saturday night.

It happened at Eagle One Apartments in the 2,000-block of Boulder Crest Road.

According to the DeKalb Fire spokesperson, more than ten people had to be rescued from the burning apartment building using ladder trucks. Some people trapped by the fire jumped from balconies.

"You see the end result. We lost everything," said resident Demetria Taylor.

Taylor can still see some of her belongings in the aftermath of the fire, all of it destroyed.

"I lost everything, everything, everything," she said.

She was about to get in the shower late last night when she smelled smoke, and by the time she got her roommate, it was almost too late.

"The door was too hot for me to even open. So I had to kick the door until the door popped open," she said.

Once she cleared the hallway, Taylor went door to door waking people up and telling them to get out.

"I started knocking on people's doors, telling them to come out, beating on people's doors, opening the ones I could," she said.

According to residents there were no smoke alarms or sprinklers in the apartment to warn them about the fire.

And Fire Captain Eric Jackson says there didn't need to be.

"There are older buildings here in the county that were grandfathered in to some of the newer regulations," said Jackson.

Firefighters got to the scene quickly though, and helped pull 11 people out of the building.

No one was seriously hurt.

"It was a very, very terrifying experience," said Taylor.

The Red Cross is helping 30 adults and 12 children, including Taylor, affected by the 19 unit blaze.

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