ATLANTA, Ga. -- She's one tough little girl, that's for sure.

Just 6 weeks after Megan Winters plummeted down a 50 foot well, the 7 year old is telling her story in her own words.

Megan Winters returns home after 50-foot fall down well
Mom says Megan is in pain but "feisty" after fall

"I like this one," the little girl says about her drawings.

When Megan Winters got home from hospital, she could only move her right arm.But she didn't let it slow her down, she just learned how to draw.It's only been 6 weeks since she fell down a 50 foot well, breaking her arm, leg, hip, and multiple bones in her face. She spent more than an hour at the bottom before a firefighter pulled her out.

"Once I got to open my eyes, the first thing I saw was my mom and dad," said Megan.

But she didn't think about how much it hurt, or where she was going, she thought about her mom.

"I was just so happy. My mom was crying, and I said don't cry," said Megan.

"She told me to calm down, that she would be okay," said her mother, Melissa.

Looking at her 7 year old daughter, Melissa says that was hard to believe. "When they pulled her up and put her on a stretcher, you could just tell she was broken. That's the only way I could describe her is broken," said Melissa.

In the weeks since the fall, Megan has had surgery after surgery to help her heal, and she just started physical therapy to help get her moving again.

"I never thought I would be so happy to see my kid pick up marbles with her toes. But the fact that she can move around to do it is amazing to me," she said.

Not as amazing to Megan, who says she can do anything after surviving that fall.

"That was the hardest day of my life, and the scariest," said Megan.

There will be a fundraiser for Megan on Sunday from 12-3 at Franks in Palmeadow. It's 15 dollars at the door for all you can eat pasta and games.

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