ATLANTA -- 11Alive Anchor Brenda Wood appeared on Headline News Morning Express Saturday morning to talk about the overwhelming reaction to her commentary on Coca-Cola's Super Bowl ad. Video of her Last Word commentary went viral.

WATCH | The viral video of Brenda's Last Word on Coke ad
VIDEO | Brenda Wood responds to praise, criticism after Coca-Colacommentarygoes viral

"I was flabbergasted," Brenda said. "I just never expected any of kind of response like what we've received, and I'm not even sure why. It seems to me like an easy subject. We did get some comments that it undermined our official language. I think they missed the point."

"This was symbolic," Wood said. "No one was suggesting (the song) should be sung in another language. It was symbolic of the cultures, the ethnicities, the races and languages and lifestyles. Symbolic of all of those things that makes up America and the strength and beauty of that."

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