ATLANTA -- Pretty much everyone we asked, from the Mayor's office to the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency all said it was just too early to make specific plans.

11Alive's Chesley McNeil, who has a spot on the Governor's Task Force for severe weather, says they are focused on the weather. He says his inbox has been flooded with emails from the governor's Severe Weather Task Force.

"New models come out all the time," he said. "And when you're dealing with winter weather, you really have to pay close attention because you're dealing with changes until the last minute."

McNeil was appointed to the task force after the mayor and governor admitted they weren't prepared for the so called Snow Jam that nearly shut down the city.

While they've talked over the phone and email, he says ironically, the weather might keep them from meeting face to face.

"Our official first meeting won't happen until next week, and because of the weather, it might get postponed," McNeil said.

But he will be on his phone making sure he's in touch with the task force, even if the weather keeps them away. While the city, state and GEMA all say it's too early to make an exact plan, McNeil says they're depending on the meteorologists in the city to let them know when it's time to move.


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