Do you have questions about the winter weather threats possible later this week? We want to answer them!

11Alive meteorologist Chris Holcomb hosted a chatour Facebook page.

Here are some questions Chris answered Sunday night:

Loretta Rogers LedfordI keep seeing snow... But what I'm concerned with is ice! When is the ice coming in and how far south will there be issues?

Chris Holcomb 11AliveThe ice would be more of a threat Wednesday. It would extend as far south as Macon.

Teresa Auth BucknerI am in Douglasville and would like to know if we will have snow then Ice and then snow again. And, With the ice coming, is it going to be enough to take out trees and power lines? Thank you for your hard work

Chris Holcomb 11AliveSnow first on Tuesday, then ice possible on Wednesday. Any ice buildup can add weight to trees and power lines and affect power.

Maryanne KehoeWhat is GDOT doing pro-actively that they did not do the last time to keep roads safe?

Chris Holcomb 11AliveThey are already activating their people.

Norine CantorHow about the weather in Flowery Branch and when will it come in?

Chris Holcomb 11Alive1-3 inches Tuesday. Ice Wednesday.

Sophia JohnsonTwo systems should it be a warning yet??

Chris Holcomb 11AliveThey will most likely upgrade to a winter weather advisory or winter storm warning overnight. They would do that within 24 hours of the event.

Tanya Stynchcmb-AdamsHow much ice does it take to take down power lines??

Chris Holcomb 11Alive1/4 inch of ice can weigh down trees and power lines.

Brigitte PerigoHow will Athens be affected?

Chris Holcomb 11AliveClarke Co isn't in the winter storm watch for Tuesday. But you are close enough that you will see a mix of rain and snow. You are in the winter storm watch for Tuesday pm into WEdnesday with an ice threat.

Gina Laminack WilsonDo you think schools in the watch area should be closed?

Chris Holcomb 11AliveCarrol Co is right on the line between snow and no snow. Need to be prepared for either.

Suzanne Lynn Camden ThomasWhat about Dahlonega again ?

Chris Holcomb 11Alive4-6" Tuesday. Ice possible Wednesday.

Sophia JohnsonWhen is that being upgraded We do have 2 fronts right????

Chris Holcomb 11Alive2 pulses of moisture coming in. Watch will most likely be upgraded overnight. THey upgrade when it's within 24 hours.

Tricia Grady LaceyHow likely is it that we only see rain really don't want to get stuck a work for 3 days again!

Chris Holcomb 11AliveTemps drop to below freezing Wednesday morning and may not get above freezing until Thursday at lunch.

Srikar DurgamWould this one be as bad as the last one?. What about the stretch of 400? Anything serious?

Chris Holcomb 11AliveMainly snow Tuesday. Better chance for ice on Wednesday.

Jo Ellen HancockWoodstock much and when? Should I keep my daughter home from school on Tues so she doesn't get stuck there.

Chris Holcomb 11AliveWoodstock would get 1-3 inches. It would probably begin before school starts on Tuesday.

Lori Macleod HegartyHow serious is this really? Should we worry about school in Cobb on Tues?

Chris Holcomb 11AliveCobb County will have a good chance for snow Tuesday. Ice will be more of a threat on Wednesday.

Tracey Hansard TuggleSo forsyth county is expected to get 2-4" of snow and then 1/4-1/2" of ice? Is that correct?

Chris Holcomb 11AliveSnow amounts are correct. Ice should be closer to 1/4 inch.

Scott Codyhow with the ground temperature being so warm are the accumulations predicted possible??? 60s today??

Chris Holcomb 11AliveWe hit 62 today. That will have an impact on how much snow can accumulate.

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