The Georgia Department of Transportation says they are ready for the impending winter storms.

GDOT officials say they are bringing in 30 additional crews from south Georgia. Some 281 employees are currently working 12-hour shifts in addition to 120 pieces of snow removal equipment.

The big difficulty is determining which sort of pre-treatment to use. Pre-treatment can be wasted unless it's timed well. They have two choices:

1) Brine: a liquid mix of salt and water will only wash away in rain if applied too soon.

2) Salt and gravel mix will just blow away in dry conditions or possibly wash away in rain if nothing starts freezing yet. It will turn into brine and gravel when rain is added, but again, timing is critical so it won't be wasted.

The weather and what type will determine when and what type of treatment GDOT uses.

GDOT does not use sand anymore, even though the media still refers to "sand trucks" which is now out of date.

The weather could prove to be troublesome for truckers who have to make deliveries in the metro Atlanta area. State officials are handing out flyers to truckers to let them know what to expect.

"We recognize that we do not want to put undue and unnecessary pressure on the trucking industry because they are vital to the economy of our state and of our nation," Gov. Nathan Deal said. "By the same token, we want to avoid unnecessary presence of tractor-trailers in dangerous areas, especially within the confines of the perimeter."

During the storm, truckers will be allowed on Interstate 285. Truckers are being asked to stay out of inside the perimeter as much as possible.

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