(WXIA) - The region's postal service came to a grinding halt for two days during last week's ice storm.

To make up for the backlog, 27 Atlanta area post offices made the rare move to open their doors on the President's Day holiday on Monday for regular business hours.

"There was no work, so we're digging out of it (the backlog) like other businesses are digging out of," said postal worker Linda Bynum.

This is good news for Ali Adhi. He was sworn in as a US citizen on Monday. He was worried the storm would mean long lines for passports once the post office opened.

"I actually didn't even think it was open," he said. "I said let me just drive and see."

Others were pleased too.

"I think it's great for them to do that," said one post office visitor. "After so many snow days, and things have had to be closed."

There was no home postal delivery Monday, despite the extra hours at the post offices. Normal delivery and services will resume on Tuesday.

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