ATLANTA -- Some residents near the Georgia Dome say they've been hoodwinked by the city, which quietly revealed plants to reroute a major street in order to make way for the new Falcons stadium.

At an Atlanta City Council committee meeting on Tuesday, residents said they were surprised to learn that Martin Luther King Jr. Drive is being permanently re-routed. A portion of the road is being moved to a new intersection with Northside Drive.

Their objections are rooted in promises by the city and the Atlanta Falcons to include their neighborhoods in redevelopment plans and to spend millions in upgrades.

City officials said the new traffic plan may be disorienting at first, but after it's completed it will be forgotten.

"I think once it's completed, there will be no division between west Atlanta and downtown," said Atlanta City Councilmember Michael Bond.

An Atlanta City Council committee voted on Tuesday to go forward with the traffic plan.

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