ATLANTA -- Bernice King has reluctantly agreed to turn over her father's personal Bible and Nobel Peace Prize, but she continues to urge her brothers not to sell the historical items.

The battle for control of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s family Bible and Nobel prize medallion has created a messy and public rift between the civil rights leader's three surviving children.

Bernice King says her brothers, Dexter and Martin King, want to sell their father's items.

The brothers filed a complaint in Fulton County Superior Court on Jan. 31 asking a judge to force Bernice King to relinquish the disputed possessions.

In court hearing last month, a lawyer for the King brothers said that a corporation created by the heirs of Dr. King controls the estate. Bernice King was outvoted 2-1, on the proposed sale of the items, the lawyer said.

A Fulton County judge ordered Bernice King last week to hand over the items by Monday. A lawyer for Bernice King said that deadline had been extended another five days.

In a news conference Thursday at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Bernice King called on her brothers to reconsider their decision.

"I appeal to you to reconsider your position and not sell our father's Bible and Nobel Peace Prize," Bernice King said. "These two artifacts are too sacred to be sold or be bought under any circumstance."

The items will be held in safe deposit box controlled by the judge.

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