ATLANTA - The ragged roads inside Atlanta Industrial Park are looking better, but the fix is far from complete.

Crews from the Atlanta Public Works Department are patching some of the worst spots inside the park. Those roads have been deteriorating for months, since the city began work to repave them, but never finished.

"A little progress is better than no progress," says Kimberly Weatherly. "I was definitely excited to see it. Even more excited to see the rest."

Last November, crews milled the roads around Atlanta Industrial Park. Then came our extreme cold, snow and ice. Potholes began to form, and the promise of better roads turned into flying gravel and flat tires.

The city vows it won't stop with just patching the worst potholes, that crews are preparing to finish the work it started months ago.

"We will have this street resurfaced within the next two to three weeks," said Lawrence Jeter.

"I'm just a little nervous they're going to stop with what they've done and not come finish the job," said Weatherly

Commuter Dude will be watching.

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