When the Jetsons first hit prime time in 1962, only a handful of TV stations could broadcast in color. Now, one of the most popular element of the show: a cooking computer is a food truck reality.

PHOTOS | See the IBM Food Truck and Watson's creations

Watson is the same super computer that made a successful run on Jeopardy. It's now the brain behind a new food truck. Researchers from IBM worked with the Institute for Culinary education. They want to take the next step in cognitive computing. It's about not just gathering information already out there, but also generating new things the world has never seen before.

Here's how it works: chefs pick a main ingredient and a cultural influence. Watson draws on algorithms based on molecular and food pairing theories.. It rates the suggestions by surprise, pleasantness, and pairing well together. A chef takes the suggested recipe and creates the food itself.

So far, Watson's recipes include Indian Turmeric Paella, Baltic Apple Pie, and Ecuadorian Strawberry Dessert.

IBM says computational creativity will change other industries with unique ideas including retail, consumer goods, hospitality, and travel.

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