ATLANTA -- Emory University Hospital was one of three hospitals across the country that took part in a six-way kidney swap this week. It was an undertaking that was months in the making and changed the lives of three families, including Atlanta mother and daughter, Cindy and Cindy Skrine.

Cindy Skrine is a perfectly healthy 20-year-old. Love is what landed her in a hospital bed.

Cindy's mom, also named Cindy, has been sick for a long time with kidney disease. She reached the point where she needed a transplant. Cindy wasn't a match for her mother, but she was a match for someone in California.

Earlier this week, the Skrines were a part of a six-way swap between three sets of people: each set was two family members who weren't a match.

"In this exchange, there are three different pairs and Cindy starts the chain and gives to somebody in California, and then Cindy's mom will receive a kidney back from somebody in Tennessee," said Emory University Transplant surgeon Dr. Nicole Turgeon.

Cindy the daughter was the first to go into surgery. It was an amazing start to a day that ended with the restoration of the health of three people because of the sacrifice of three other people who love them.

Cindy and her mother are both doing well and their surgeries were a success. The other two recipients and their family members are doing wonderfully as well.

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