ATLANTA -- State data shows that Gwinnett County schools reported 2105 incidents of fighting in it school system in 2013. That's almost twelve fights per day in a system with more than a hundred schools. Parkview High School reported 30 fights in 2013.

Lots of schools had more. Shiloh Middle school led the system with 125 reported incidents of fighting. Shiloh High had 83. Parkview's neighbor Berkmar High school also reported 30 fights in 2013.

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Parkview's 30 fights in 2013 represented a sharp increase. The school reported 19 fights in 2012, according to data released by the state Department of Education.

Parkview's problems are nothing compared to many other schools. According to state data, a DeKalb county school -- McNair Middle School -- leads the state in incidents of fighting. McNair Middle School reported 509 incidents of fighting in 2013. That's about three fights per day at that middle school. McNair also led the state in reported fighting incidents in 2012.

Yet state officials say that deeper in the data, there is good news. "The last few years the reports of violence have gone down actually," said Dr. Garry McGiboney of the state Department of Education. "The reports of drugs have gone down. Not radically, but a gradual decline over the last three years."

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