(WXIA) -- Stacy Halstead, mother of recovering youngster Tripp Halstead, posted an update and a new photo of a smiling Tripp Monday morning.

"Tripp had his first sleepover last night. Gertie (Ironman Dave and Kaete's daughter) slept in the other twin bed in Tripp's room. He went to sleep smiling and woke up smiling. He Loves Gertie and that's no exaggeration. His eyes would light up around her. We all cried this morning when the RTG crew left to head back to NY. It was a whirlwind weekend, I told y'all I was going to catch up on sleep and I am literally still in bed. (It's 3 in the afternoon) We Miss you Gertie!!!!! Oh and we got our results from our Race yesterday. Bill being the awesome man he is.. was FIRST in his age! He totally kicked booty. Kevin and Dad both came in 2nd for their age and I wasn't last!! So it was a great day!! ha ha Thank you for all your prayers and support. "

Tripp is recovering from a tree limb that struck the youngster in the head at a daycare playground last October. Thousands of you have been following his recovery here and on the family's Facebook page, Tripp Halstead Updates.

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