ATLANTA -- A local family is thanking a total stranger tonight who went above and beyond in their time of need.

"It's an emotional battle, but getting stronger every day, that's the whole point of it," said Chris O'Brien.

After he was paralyzed in a diving accident this summer, all he wanted was to come home.

"I've been in a hospital for the past 2 months, so I can really appreciate having a place to call home," he said.

With his immediate family in California, Chris' soon to be in-laws wanted to convert their garage to a wheelchair accessible home for Chris and his fiance Becca, but soon found out just how much work it was.

"We've had already the tragedy with Chris breaking his neck, and that's been horrible. And you just have no idea until you experience it how much is involved," said his soon to be Mother-in-Law Deb Rouis.

They were able to figure out a lot of it themselves, but when Chris was discharged from Shepard's Center, they needed the big work done fast.

They put out an ad to pay someone to do the sheet rock, but contractor Bryan Swetmon, owner of Nationwide Construction Labor, stepped in to do it all free of charge.

"He comes in and says oh, well, what about these doors? I'm going to put the doors up for you. I'm going to... he went out and got materials," she said.

After he heard Chris' story, Bryan didn't think twice about helping.

"It just comes back 10 fold. I've gained so much. I made new friends out of this. It just comes back to you 10 fold every time," said Swetmon.

Now the space is almost ready for Chris, with the room Bryan made in his heart.

"I love this guy. He's not human, he's an angel," said Deb.

He went above and beyond the sheet rock - Bryan and his crew hung the doors, did the flooring, and the ceiling... and all he asked in return was that the family pay it forward when they're able.

You can learn more about Chris, his recovery, and his fiance Becca here: http://csofund.com/

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