DAWSONVILLE, Ga. -- Nydia Tisdale still has bruises a week after she was arrested by a Dawson County Sheriff's Deputy for recording video at a public political rally.

Tisdale says she had permission to shoot video. She runs an independent website, AboutForsyth.com. For several minutes she was there recording the political speeches.

It's not clear when her presence was no longer welcome. But it appears to begin when Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens made a joke about Democratic Senate Candidate Michelle Nunn.

"I thought I was gonna absolutely puke listening to her," Hudgens said.

He then looked at Tisdale's camera and said, "I don't know why you're video taping, but yes I said puke." The Insurance commissioner's spokesperson says Hudgens finished his speech and left, and never asked Tisdale to leave nor knew what happened after he left.

She was later asked to leave, but she refused. Finally, she was forcibly removed by a Dawson County Sheriff's Deputy.

"It's traumatic, it's emotional. I was doing absolutely nothing wrong," Tisdale said, "I had a video camera. And to use that much force?"

In the video, you can see Dawson County GOP Chairwoman Linda Clay Umberger walk out because she's so upset.

"I don't know why people are treating you this way, this is wrong," Umberger said.

Tisdale is charged with trespassing and obstructing an officer. She is considering her legal actions.

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