Alpharetta, GA-- It is the last thing residents at the Cypress Point Apartments expected to see out their windows Saturday night. A small bear scampered through the parking lot then disappeared almost as quickly as it appeared. While bear sightings happen in the suburbs, this one was unique because it occurred in a gated community which has a fence all the way around it.

The Shah family captured video of the bear after spotting it from their third story apartment.

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Mann Shah, 11, was fascinated.

"I definitely thought it was a cub because it ran slower than an adult bear. It was looking around like it might be lost. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't with the rest of its family," said Shah.

It is possible the bear climbed the fence at the apartment complex. In the last year, 11Alive News has done a number of stories of bears wandering into residential areas. In one case, a bear scaled a tall wooden fence and briefly balanced on the top of it.

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