CARROLLTON, Ga. -- A neighborhood in Carrollton is picking up the pieces, one week after tragedy struck.

13-year-old Nizzear Rodriguez was shot and killed while he was sleeping in his bedroom. It was only hours after he celebrated his birthday.

CONTINUING COVERAGE: Stories around the tragedy of Nizzear's death and efforts to reduce crime in the community

In the last week, five suspects have been arrested and community leaders have taken serious strides to ramp up security.

For a neighborhood that is in desperate need of good came this week in the form of wooden poles.

"I think it's a really, really good thing. There's too many kids here to not have any lights up," said Anita Reddish, who lives in the neighborhood.

Six new streetlights were installed on Chancery Lane, where Rodriguez was shot and killed while sleeping in his bedroom. Neighbors also tell us they've noticed an increase in police presence.

Five people have been charged in connection with Nizzear's death. Police say they will be taking aggressive measures to crack down on gang violence in the community.

"We've made several arrests for gang activity, we're going to continue to do that," said Carrollton Police Chief Joel Richards, "we're gonna install more cameras in the neighborhood and we're gonna provide more lighting."

But even with these silver linings, Nizzear's family is still utterly distraught.

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