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ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. -- Rockdale County authorities say they have taken a suspect who led deputies on a chase Friday into custody.

According to the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office, a 16-year-old male was taken into custody at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Authorities say the teen led deputies on a chase into DeKalb County. After abandoning his vehicle, investigators said he raised his weapon. Authorities fired back. It was believed that he was struck by at least one round from deputies.

As a result Miller Grove High School in DeKalb County was placed on lockdown. There was no threat to students or staff. That lockdown has been lifted and the 1,500 students went home normally, according to Quinn Hudson of DeKalb County Schools.

The Rockdale Sheriff's spokesperson says a search took place 6000 block of Hillandale Drive near the Winward Forest Apartments.

Police said there were three suspects involved in the armed robbery, and that the other two were not in the vehicle that was chased.

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