FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. -- The Fayette County Board of Education is under fire for hiring the superintendent's wife for a newly-created position with a salary of more than $75,000.

Last year, the school board closed four schools and cut hundreds of staffers to trim its budget.

Now, they've hired Dr. Susan Barrow – the wife of Superintendent Jody Barrow – for the newly-created position of Intervention Specialist.

"It wasn't like Dr. Barrow created the position for his spouse -- that just wasn't the case," said Jody Barrow.

Barrow defended the $75,000 salary of his wife.

"That's a teacher salary schedule," he said. "If you go and look at a 14-year veteran with a doctoral degree, that's exactly what they would be paid."

Barrow also says they added back 39 parapro positions this year and gave a 1.5 percent salary increase to all employees. Plus, he says the intervention specialist will help more kids.

"This opportunity will provide support for a lot of kids all across the district," Barrow said.

Barrow noted that he wasn't on the committee that made the hiring decision.

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