ATLANTA, Ga. -- More than 500 veterans looking for work jammed a Job Fair today in Duluth at Dave & Busters. Jobs ranged from health care to automotive and aircraft manufacturing.

Even the military was there, trying to get vets to re-enlist.

It's a move by the Georgia National Guard prompted by a sluggish economy and a tough job market.

"We are looking for individuals who are prior service who might be interested in coming back into the military so we can provide those who have not retired yet to finish their careers," said Sgt. Akilah Clarke of the Georgia Army National Guard.

One job seeker, Perry Frison, did finish his career and retire after 22 years in the Army, including a tour in Afghanistan.

But now he's looking for work.

"Basically it's tedious, but you have to keep going," he said.

"Only problem is there are lots of veterans out there and there are lots of veterans looking, so I can't fault them for getting out and trying to look for a job also, the competition is hard," Frison added.

But companies are hiring vets and hiring them now.

"We are actively hiring folks and so we will have some in our facility as early as next week from this Job Fair.

Frison hopes he is one of them.

But if not, he'll be one of hundreds of vets at another Job Fair next week.

It's part of NBC's Hiring our Heroes national program, already responsible for filling 14,000 jobs.

The Fair will be on Tuesday December 11th at the American Legion Post 258 in Jonesboro from 9 am to Noon.

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