ATLANTA -- The New Year is offering new jobs. 11Alive's Help Desk found additional companies that are in need of new employees for the year of 2013.

Due to expansion opportunities, Wells Fargo will be adding over 200 jobs in Georgia to better serve customers. The positions will consist of bankers and mortgage professionals primarily in the Atlanta metro area. Half of the new jobs will be in Wells Fargo's 278 community bank stores and the remaining jobs will be in Wells Fargo's home mortgage."It's great to add to Georgia's employment growth and provide career opportunities to those seeking jobs in our communities," said Mike Donnelly, Atlanta region president.

The company prefers prospective candidates with relative job experience. To review the qualifications or apply you can visit Wells Fargo online at theirwebsite.

Lowe's, the second-largest home improvement retailer, is also seeking potential employees for the busiest time of the year for home improvement. The company will hire 45,000 seasonal associates and 9,000 part-time associates in the United States before spring approaches. More specifically, Lowe's expects to hire approximately 1,600 seasonal employees in the state of Georgia with hopes of hiring approximately 1,000 seasonal employees in the Atlanta area. "The number of seasonal positions will vary by store, but on average there will be 26 seasonal positions per store," mentioned a Lowe's representative.

The focal point of the seasonal jobs will cater to customer support, including jobs such as cashiers, lawn and garden specialists, loaders, and stockers. Seasonal employees could work 20-25 hours per week on average. The duration of the seasonal employment will vary. The permanent part-time positions are focused on customer proficiency and expertise. Employees in the permanent positions will work during essential weekday shopping times. For more information regarding available positions visit Lowe's online at theirwebsite.

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