FLOYD COUNTY, Ga. -- The Floyd County Board of Education will reduce teaching jobs in Floyd County schools at the end of the school year.

According to Tim Hensley, Assistant to the Superintendent, a letter was emailed to staff members on Friday afternoon from Superintendent Dr. Jeff McDaniel.

In the letter, the employees were notified of thechange in staff. It informed them that the Reduction in Force (RIF) was due to budget - that expenditures and revenuesdid notbalance to allow for positions to be extended into the next school year.

The job cuts are being done, as said in the letter, so that budget objectives are met.

"I have already been in touch with professional associations to enlist their help in assisting our employees with information and services," McDaniel said in the letter. "I trust that by making this decision early, we have given you the best opportunity to secure a new position for next school year."

As included in the letter, McDaniel said, "The The Reduction in Force plan outlined in my presentation to the board at the February Board of Education Meeting was used to determine personnel included in the Reduction in Force. "

For more information, read the full letter on theFloyd County Board of Education website.

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