ATLANTA -- A group of community organizers are planning to boycott the Edgewood Retail District if they don't implement safety measures at the large plaza.

After a number of violent crimes in the area, the Edgewood Security Patrol said enough is enough.

They're encouraging people who live near the Edgewood district to print out a letter with four demands of the property management company.

If the company does not meet the list of demands, they're asking everyone in Atlanta to stop shopping at the plaza starting on Black Friday, November 21st, and every Friday following until they beef up security there.

Edgewood Security Patrol is asking for brighter lights throughout the parking decks, panic buttons on all parking surfaces, a minimum of two armed guards, and an improved camera system.

The group is making the demands after a brutal carjacking nearly left a woman dead in their underground garage.

Neal Dean, the Edgewood Security Patrol President says they have been trying to get in touch with the company that manages the property for months with no response.

"It is in our neighborhood. And these are our friends, these are our neighbors, whose lives are being endangered. They're coming in to our terroritory, and they're not safe here. And it's basically because of a corporation that would just rather save money than implement the very basic security measures, and that's just not okay," said Dean.

11Alive reached out to the local and corporate offices of the retail district repeatedly with no response.

The boycott would only impact big box stores, he says he would still encourage people to shop at the locally owned stores in the district.

DOWNLOAD THE LETTER: Call for change

Here is the letter Dean sent to local neighborhood groups:

Neighbors, Neighborhood Boards, NPU Boards, HOA Boards, Neighborhood Security Patrols, Organization Leaders, Valencia Hudson (Natalyn Archibong Office):

As many of you know earlier this summer there was a brutal mugging followed by a frightening carjacking at Edgewood Retail District (ERD). The Edgewood Security Patrol board feels that the blame for these incidents partly belongs to the irresponsibility of the ERD towards its client's (the renters) customers. Though the Edgewood Retail District is private property, it is in our neighborhood and we believe this crime tolerant environment is of a particular concern to us as a security patrol and as residence of Edgewood. We do not feel comfortable remaining silent on this issue and simply hoping that conditions improve and that further and perhaps worse incidents do not occur in the future.

From emails I have received and conversations I have had I know that many of you feel the same way.

To that end, the Edgewood Security Patrol has drafted the attached letter to the management of the Edgewood Retail District detailing our concerns, what we would like to be done about them, and how we plan to respond based on how our concerns are addressed. By the end of the month we would like to deliver a whole stack of these letters with the letterhead of your neighborhood organization, NPU, security patrol, HOA, or community organization on them to the ERD management and to the managers of the establishments in the ERD. Here are the specific ways you can help us encourage the ERD to become the safest place for people to shop in Atlanta:

1. Read over the attached letter

2. Discuss it with your board or organization leaders

3. Using the attached letter as a template, create a signed copy of the letter on your letterhead and email or mail it to me

4. Share this with other local organizations and encourage them to join the campaign

Our collective voices and dollars matter and we shouldn't voicelessly accept a situation where our friends and neighbors are placed in unreasonably danger by simply running errands at their local shopping center.

Nathan Dean

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