Do you have antiques and collectibles in the attic but are unsure of theirworth?

Certified Antique Appraiser Dr. Lori fromDiscoveryChannel'spopular showAuction Kings recently paid a visit to the 11Alive Studio to help staff members determine the value of their antiques.

She looked over two books dating back to 1889 I had purchased in a Seattle, Washington thrift store 20 years ago for a few dollars. "The value on these books is around $15 for this one, but thisone is around $100," she said. Dr. Lori said the better the condition,the more a book will be worth.

I also showed her two Royal Doulton figurines I had received as gifts. "These were hand painted in England. The small piece is worth about $300 and the larger piece is about $1200 retail," she said.

Dr. Lori appraised an antique coffee grinder at around $60 and a small painting from Eastern Europe at around $50.

One 11Alive staffer had a collection of costume jewelry from the 1920's and 30's. Even though the collection contained no diamonds or other gems, the Art History expert said several pieces were worth $75 to $100 each. "Any of the pieces you see here are indicative of what you're going to see at your typical throwaway yard sale. This is dangerous because people will put these pieces out for sale thinking they have no value when it fact this collection is worth about $500 total," she said.

Dr. Lori said the antique market is both seasonal and cyclical. She said items typically rise in value when they are 50 years old and again when they hit the 100 year mark. She said photographer Stephen Boissy's copy of the New York Times from 1952 on the day of Queen Elizabeth's coronation would have fetched about $150 during the Queen's Jubilee earlier this month but since then its value has gone down to about $40 or $50 on the retail market.

She said metro Atlanta residents who have Olympic pins and other memorabilia from the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta will likely have better luck selling them before and during the 2012 Summer games than they will later this year.

Dr. Lori has authored more than 30 books and appraised more than 20,000 items every year. Her syndicated Art and Antiques column appears in more than100 newspapers across the country. She cautions against having antiques appraised by a dealer who you plan to sell them to because of the potential for conflict of interest.To contact her for an appraisal go to

Auction Kings airs on the Discovery Channel Thursday nights at 9pm. It is shot on location in Sandy Springs at the auction houseGallery 63,which is owned by Paul Brown. Brown's father founded the popularRed Baron's Antiquesin Sandy Springs.

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