ATLANTA, Ga. -- Atlanta Police are searching through surveillance video after an overnight shooting at a high-rise in Midtown Atlanta.

Around 3:30 Sunday morning, police discovered the victim, 21-year-old Brandon Gibson, dead in a fourth floor hallway. He had been shot multiple times.

Police say a large crowd had gathered for a party in the building. Immediately after shots were fired, everyone inside scattered.

"At this point in time we do not believe this is a random act. We believe all the individuals, including the victim, knew everyone involved," said Capt. Paul Guerrucci, Homicide Commander for APD.

Guerrucci explains the building is secured. Which means everyone has to be let into the building, they can't simply walk in off the streets.

"So that would lead us to believe that they all knew each other," Guerrucci said.

Police are telling us there may be more victims, because there was blood in the lobby of the building.

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