ATLANTA -- This month Commuter Dudeis helping metro Atlanta drivers fill up their tanks with $100 gift cards.

He's giving one away each weekday through May 25 as part of 11Alive's Random Acts of Kindness.

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The goal is to create a ripple effect of kindness, with recipients doing something nice for someone else. Two of this week's recipients are alreadyspreading the wealth.

"Thank you SO much for the free gas!"Lauren Burhans said in a email afterrecieving a $100 gas card at the QuikTrip on South Cobb Drive in Marietta Wednesday.

"To pay it forward, I gave the QT gas card to my overworked and underpaid brother," she said. "He works very long hours and has to travel a lot for work, so I thought I would help relieve some of the stress. Thank you again!"

Thursday's recipient Bobby Robinson immediatley used hiscardto buy gas for someone elseat the QT on North Druid Hills in Atlanta.

Commuter Dude will be surprising drivers at a different gas station each weekday for the next three weeks. To see where he'sheaded next, watch 11Alive News Todayweekdays at 6 a.m.

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