ATLANTA -- E-mails that indicate you are owed money or you can save money are making the rounds in recent weeks.They are usually scams, but some look very convincing.

Here are three to look out for.

1. says an e-mail that purports to be from UPS is fake. The e-mail contains what's known as a Trojan Horse: a program that will try to steal your personal information and allow hackers to access your computer. A similar e-mail may tellyou the U.S. Customs service has a package waiting for you. Don't open it, and if you do, don't click on any links.

2.State Farm is warning about another e-mail scam. This e-mail offers to lower your auto insurance by 50 percent. It's not really from State Farm!It isa fraudulent e-mail that's hoping you'll respond to a request for some personal information. The practice is known as phishing.

3.The Better Business Bureau is warning summer job seekers if it sounds too good be true, it probably is.It urges consumers to be extra cautiousabout work at home offers as well as jobs that offer thousands of dollars for very little work, and any jobs that ask you to pay money up front to get started.

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