BREMEN, Ga. -- Callie's Alley, a small diner in downtown Bremen not only hits the spot. It hits a couple spots.

For lunch it's good and cheap.

For some of the people who work there, it's a life changer.

Callie's Alley was started for Callie Sewell. The café is the brain child of her aunt and the Mayor of Bremen Sharon Sewell. She watched Callie and other special needs kids struggle to fit in. So she and her brother Ray made a place wherethey would fit.

Working a few hours a day in the restaurant is an extension of school, serving meals, cleaning tables, sometimes working the cash register.

"Now instead of holding their heads down with eyes to the floor, they hold their heads up ready to greet people at the door," MayorSewell said.

"These young people are like celebrities,"Callie's dad Ray said. "Many people come just to see them work. When they're not here they want to know where they are."

The workers come from the Life Skills class at Bremen High. When they graduate, they're qualified and ready for other jobs.

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