ATLANTA--It is one of Cheshire Bridge Roads true ironies.

No, no, this story has nothing to do with any of that.


This is about the power of water and the power of government and how the two flow in the same direction but clearly are of a different tributary.

Cheshire Bridge Road and Liddell host a number of prospering businesses, including the Atlanta Department of Watershed Management motor pool with the emphasis on pool.

200 yards away, right in front- - - a leaking water main and pooling water.

A conga line of Cheshire Bridge Roadvehicles hit the broken pipe and splash.

Car after car it goes and flows.

The water rolls down the hill and pools toward the motor pool.

Wasting water and annoying businessmen like Mike May who has seen this for months.

He is fed up.

"To drive by a water leak every day for a month or two in front of your own business at the Watershed Department is just ridiculous."

For months the water runoff has served as a kind of "splash- waterfalls" to the trucks of the Atlanta Watershed.

Men travailing our fine city fixing water leaks near and far except of course, the one really near- - the one they drive through all day.

Says Mike May,"We've called in and made complaints and nothing has been done the entire time."

Thursday evening some good news Mike and the other businesses off Liddell.

We received an email from the Department of Watershed Management.

Communications Director Janet Ward says : "The department is aware of the leaking valve at this location. It is on schedule for repair. It will be scheduled so it doesn't interfere with nearby businesses."

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