ATLANTA -- The only thing that can compete with a cute kid in a Halloween costume is a cute pet in a Halloween costume.

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Tomake sure pets are comfortable and safetoo, Petco hascome up with some simple tips for Halloween.


* Purchase the outfit in advance so the pet can try it out and get used to the costume
* Dress your pet right before any party or parade because costumes tend to be warm and we don't want them to overheat
* Always keep water on hand because hydration is vital
* Try and keep pet games around the house to preoccupy pets when trick-or-treaters come to the door
* Make sure pets have up-to-date identification tags in case pets get spooked and run off


* Tailor a children's costume to fit your pet - these usually have stronger elastic that will irritate pets
* If dressing a cat, keep it to a minimum. If it is going to be more than a collar or something small, only dress them for long enough to catch a photo or two.
* Keep your pet in the costume for a long period of time

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