ATLANTA -- He limps into the Hanger offices in Midtown, a spring in his three-legged step. From the moment he was born 11 months ago, Pirelli's life has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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When Pirelli was born without a foot at Canine Assistants, founder Jennifer Arnold said they would not only save him, but they would make him a service dog like the others. Pirelli has endured many first-stage prosthetics, but none of them were a perfect fit.

One of the heads of Hanger Inc. saw 11Alive's story on Pirelli and offered to make the pup a custom foot. Hanger is the same company behind the story that became the Warner Brothers movie 'Dolphin Tale.'

The crew fit Pirelli with his new foot, a process that took almost three hours, with many trips back to the shop to tweak and perfect the prosthetic.

Finally, it was fastened into place and Pirelli took his first steps, holding his new foot off the ground at first. But within minutes, he was walking with confidence, his back leg landing on the practice runway.

Pirelli will wear this foot for a few weeks before he is fitted with the final version before Christmas.

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