DAHLONEGA, Ga. -- All week, 11Alive News will profile some of the unique attractions and activities located near metro Atlanta.

On Monday, Karyn Greer explored Consolidated Mine in Lumpkin County, near Dahlonega. Some historians believe the Georgia gold rush of 1880 began at the mine about an hour north of Atlanta.

Miner Mike knows all about it. He took Karyn and photojournalist David Brooks into the bowls of the mine and the shaft known as the "Glory Hole."

Granite, quartz and gold can still be found in the walls of the mine. Karyn tried to pan for gold -- it's not as easy as it looks!

Because Karyn wanted something with "a lot more bling," Miner Mike let her switch to panning for gems -- rubies, emeralds and citrine, purchased from other mines all over the world.

After finding a stone at Consolidated Mine, visitors can take it to a gemologist who cleans it, cuts it and makes it into pendants, earrings or rings.

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