ATLANTA -- Your wedding day is one of the biggest, most memorable days of your entire life -- but what if a celebrity crashed it?

It happened to a Vinings couple who got married last week.

John Travolta surprised Katelyn and Ben Elliott when he stopped by their Brasstown Valley Resort wedding and even posed in some photos.

PHOTOS | John Travolta at Katelyn and Ben's wedding

The newlyweds talked about their A-list wedding crasher Wednesday morning on 11Alive News.

"Some of my bridal party was at the sports bar the night before the wedding, and they met him and he kinda asked about us," Katelyn explained.

She added that she and Ben met Travolta in the lobby of their hotel that night, but didn't expect to see him again.

"Then the next day ... we were all taking photos and some of the bridal party was like, 'I think I just saw him walk by,'" Ben said.

The bridal party members asked Travolta to be in some of the pictures, and he agreed.

Ben said that he and Katelyn never expected their wedding photos to go viral.

"We thought that was it, maybe a few Instagrams here," he said. "Then we saw it on Yahoo!"

Chris and Allie Bartelski with The Reasonphotographycaptured the couple's wedding day -- and their famous unexpected guest.

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