ATLANTA -- Neighbors are beginning to see progress after years of pushing for more green space in Atlanta's Westside.

The Atlanta Parks Department and Watershed Management are finally talking about a plan to open up part of Waterworks Park, which has been off-limits for almost two decades.

"Good parks make for good neighbors," said Chris Palmer, who's part of a grassroots effort to restore Waterworks Park. "It sort of keeps the neighborhood tight-knit."

For most of the last century, Waterworks Park was open. It was the site of of cross-country runs and romantic weddings at the gazebo.

But city officials closed the park and put security fencing around it before the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

They were concerned about the security of the city's drinking water, which comes from the reservoirs at 17th Street and Howell Mill Road.

"We don't want the fences down completely so anybody can run up and jump in the water," Palmer said. "We think there's a way to preserve the security of the water if we can just move the fences in."

The park has a gazebo, Lodge and pavilion area that are closed to the public.

But 11Alive's Jennifer Lesliestopped by and found a gate open and a defensive driving class for city employees going on inside the Lodge.

So why can't anyone else use it?

Neighbors have been asking and pushing for action for years.

They're hoping to see parts of the park reopened in 2014.

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