Atlanta is now the fourth stop on a top secret tour where Google Glass is being shown off.

Those who attend are trendsetters chosen from a twitter contest to go behind Google's velvet rope.

"A chance to see what it is before we launch," said Google's Wilson White.

The "future-is-now" eye wear sends texts, checks email, gets directions

"You can search Google, facebook. Right now I'm looking at you but I'm also looking at the computer," said Ruth Coosy.

By design Google Glass combines man and computer.

"You tend to use the device as an extension of yourself," explained Georgia Tech's Thad Starner, who worked as an adviser to Google on the project.

"It can make a lot of things easier that we do every day like driving and getting directions," said one tester.

Driving in Google Glasses while looking at a computer? Could that be legal? It depends.

"There's always new iterations of technology and every time they come out there's new societal concerns," said Georgia Tech Ethics professor Wade Chumney.

New technology often comes with new laws, new worries and new problems. Some users have privacy concerns because of the device's ability to record video very covertly.

The eye wear may be regulated or may change what we consider private

"As technology like Google Glass becomes more prevelent our expectation of privacy in general tends to lower and pretty soon you're in a place that's very different than you were in the year 2014," Chumney said.

The world view to be seen through Google colored glass lies in the future of this futuristic device, due out this year.

The Google Glass preview seminars have dashed around the country from Durham, North Carolina to Detroit to Austin and now to Atlanta.

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