DECATUR, Ga. -- Andrea Sneiderman pleaded not guilty to all charges against her during a new arraignment Friday.

Sneiderman faces 15 charges, including perjury stemming from statements she made on the witness stand in the trial for her husband's murder.

Hemy Neuman was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole for the November 2010 shooting death of Rusty Sneiderman.

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Friday, there was a legal battle involving Neuman's estranged wife Ariela. Her lawyer Esther Panitch has filed a motion to quash a subpoena requesting documents from Ariela stretching back three years, including diaries, calendars, notes and social media comments related to the case. The subpoena specifically requests information about payment from media organizations and selling life story rights.

Panitch calls the subpoena "overbroad, unreasonable and oppressive," and meant to embarrass Ariela. She also calls it "the height of hypocrisy," since Andrea Sneiderman mentioned both a movie and book in recorded jailhouse conversations.

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Sneiderman's attorneys have asked Judge Gregory Adams to restrain Panitch from making speeches, talking to the media and commenting about the case on social media. The judge will likely make a ruling in the next few days.

The last time this group was in court, they focused on the relationship between Andrea Sneiderman and Joseph Dell. Judge Adams ruled Sneiderman and Dell could have contact.

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