WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a high school teacher who was arrested for failing to report a relationship between a coach and a former student.

Kristin Lynn May, who taught at River Ridge High School in Woodstock, was arrested in 2011 after not informing police that a student had sex with paraprofessional and wrestling coach Robert Leslie Morrow.

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According to information presented in court, the student was 16 at the end of the fall 2010 semester, when she transferred from River Ridge to Roswell High School. During winter break, she began her relationship with Morrow.

In January 2011, the student attended a basketball game at River Ridge, where she told May about the relationship. May did not report the student's claim to school administrators or the police.

The student reported Morrow to Woodstock Police in July 2011, and both Morrow and May were arrested.

May was charged with failure to report sexual abuse. She challenged the indictment, saying that because the student did not attend River Ridge when May learned about the relationship, May was under no obligation to report it to her supervisor.

A trial court ruled against May, but in an opinion released Monday, Georgia's high court reversed the lower court's decision.

"By the time May learned of the sexual abuse, (the student) was no longer her student, no longer was enrolled in the school at which May taught, and no longer was enrolled at any school in the same school system," the opinion says. "Accordingly, May had no legal obligation to report the sexual abuse, and the trial court erred when it sustained the accusation."

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