The Kentucky derby leaders include six leaders, California Chrome is the favorite. Here are some tips to pad your bet.


The excitement is building for Saturday's Kentucky Derby race. The live crowd reached a record 165, 307 in 2012 . In 2013, TV ratings for NBC reached 14.8 million viewers. It continues to be a hit with women. Fifty-one percent of viewers were female, making it the only annual sporting event that draws more female than male viewers.

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California Chrome is Saturday's favorite. His trainer, 77-year-old Art Sherman, could become the oldest trainer to win the Kentucky Derby. California Chrome comes from relatively modest beginnings. The mare cost $8,000, the sire $2,500. Twenty horses will line up at the starting line. The horses made it to the race for the roses by accumulating points through the season. Six horses have more than 100 points:

California Chrome (150 points)
Vicar's In Trouble (120 points)
Dance with Fate (108)
Wicked Strong (108)
Sumraat (100)
Danza (100)

Leaderboard: See the full point list of all 20 horses

It's called the most exciting two minutes in sports. The horses make one full resolution, pass the starting gate, and race down the front stretch again for a total length of 1.25 miles. The slowest derby winner finished in 2:15:20 at 33.3 MPH. The fastest time recorded was 1:49:40 at 37.8 MPH.

There's a distinct home turf advantage. Only six derby winners in the race's 140 year history were bred outside the United States. Seventy-five percent of Kentucky Derby winners were bred in Kentucky.

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If you want to pad your bet with statistics, just look at the horse's colors. Sixty-percent of Kentucky Derby winners are considered bay colored horses. Bay horses are reddish-brown with black points on their ears and legs (the points can also be white). The skin is dark on most of the horse, but pink under the points of color. The second most-winning color is chestnut with 45-percent of the derby winners. The least winning color with just 1% of the winners is roan. Roan is defined as an even mixture of white and pigmented hairs.

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