ATLANTA -- Former Falcons defensive end Chuck Smith offered tips for parents who have children participating in football activities.

"One of the first things you want to look at is the equipment when you go out and buy for your kids," said Smith. "You want to get a helmet that doesn't shift around."

Smith said parents should alsoget the proper protection for their child's shoulders.

"One of the biggest things I see nowis that kids have shoulder pads that are way too big," Smith said."It's not protecting the inside of their shoulders - their collar bones."

The former football star also saidparents should make sure their child is properly fitted for the right pair of shoes.

"A lot of times kids have on shoes and they slide around on their feet and they're running and cutting," Smith said.

"You also got to hydrate yourself. You got to fuel up,"he said."You got to eat off the nutrient rich food plate. Get your carbs - get your protein."

His biggest advice? Teaching young kids the importance of knowing how toavoid concussions.

"You got to teach them how to tackle. You got to teach them how to have great eye control," Smith said."If you can't see it - and you close your eyes - then you're not going to be able to control where your head goes."

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