ATLANTA-- The cost of well being for your body clearly has no correlation with your financial well being.

As a bargain hunter, it's frightening for me to see the continuous markups on everything from vitamins to other supplements. Today, that all changes thanks to a combination of two things:A half-priced voucher and a hidden web gem in the world of health.

If you haven't heard of Lucky Vitamin yet, this excellent e-store has everything you need in the nutritional supplement, baby care, personal care and wellness department at a steep discount compared to the prices you'll find in stores.

As a quick price comparison on just two items I personally buy, Vitamin D (1000 UI) sells at $8.95 for 360 capsules from Lucky Vitamin. A comparable brand sells for $14.49 for 300 capsules from CVS.

Another example is Tazo Chai. A pack of 20 tea bags of the Tazo spiced black organic tea sells for $3.99 at Lucky Vitamin. The exact same thing, same package and all, sells for $8.21on Amazon.

Now combine those savings with a brilliantfree $10 voucher from and you're good to go!

1)CLICK HERE for a $20 voucher for Lucky Vitamin that will cost you $10.

2) Now use that 50% off daily deal voucher (which expires October 18, 2012) at Lucky Vitamin where prices are at least 20% off retail and you get at least 70% off. Yay!

Lucky Vitamin adds a $5.95 flat rate shipping on orders under $100, but in all honesty, with the money you save per order, it's still worth it to pay for the shipping and if you stock up a few times a year, that shipping fee becomes a non-issue in my cheap books.

Happy savings!

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And finally, and most importantly, please DO NOT take any vitamins or make any brand/dosage changes without first speaking to a healthcare professional and/or doing your research.

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