SNELLVILLE, Ga. -- In less than a month, Aimee Copeland, who lost both hands, a leg and a foot to a flesh-eating bacteria, will arrive back at her Snellville home.

What she will find will be vastly different from what was there before her life-changing zip-line accident in May.

From the outside, the Copeland house looks a lot like it did before Aimee's accident, but as her dadAndy Copeland quickly points out,the inside has changed dramatically.

"She is going to be amazed when she sees the things that have changed" he said. "I cannot wait to see her expression when she sees what has been done."

The changes arethe result of a huge volunteer effort, already attracting more than 50 specialized companies.

Andy watched as volunteers from Atlanta-based Home Depot went to work.

"They are pulling out the kitchen sink. Wow. That's incredible," Copeland said.

"This is probably the least handicapped accessible house they could own," said John Klemenc, Home Depot Team Leader. "(We are) replacing all the kitchen cabinets, replacing the granite, all new appliances all new washer and dryer and a new bathroom downstairs -- the wholenine yards."

For Aimee, it will be like moving into a new house.

"What I don't think she fully grasps is the amount of community support we've seen over this time period," her father said. "I think it's going to be nice to reveal that ultimately to her."

Hesays Aimee will need time to adjust.

"She wants a private moment to be able to enjoy the wing -- to get acclimated to home life again," Andy said. "I think it will take a couple of weeks for her to do that. We are asking for a couple of weeks of silence before Aimee makes any statements."

In mid-September, he said Aimee plans to attend public events in both Snellville and Norcross. For now, she is focusing on finishing rehab and coming home.

"She is doing about 200 crunches inseven minutes and about 400 leg lifts in the same period of time," Andy said.

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